What Makes Us Proper

You didn’t wake up one morning and decide it would be cool to wear glasses. You wear them simply because you need to see better. And we’ve never understood why people have to spend so much to get what they need. 

It doesn’t have to be that way. At Proper Optics we believe that uncompromising clarity shouldn’t have to compromise your budget. So we craft our glasses using the latest technology paired with today’s hottest styles to bring you eyewear that’s awesomely made and awesomely priced. We just think it’s the proper way to do business

Non-Prescription Computer Glasses

Do you wear contacts or not need an Rx, but experience symptoms of digital eye stress? New studies show increased cumulative exposure to high energy blue light can cause dry, tired eyes, headaches, as well as mood and sleep cycle disruptions. 

epik™ BLUE is now available in plano for non-rx wearers! 

Shop Proper + Shop Local

Proper Optics is the ONLY online eyewear retailer approved by Independent Eyecare Professionals. Your purchase supports one of over 300 authorized partners nationwide.

Unlike other online eyewear, you can take your glasses to your local authorized office for free fitting and adjustment by expert staff to ensure the best look and the best vision.
Go Beyond UV Protection

epik™ BLUE lenses powered by UV Hyper-Protection™ technology combat eye stress
by going beyond just UV and absorbing up to 90% of the most harmful range
while allowing beneficial light through.

For maximum protection and clarity, get epik™ BLUE with Infinity® Clear Non-Glare.